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Our Story



There is a time and place for everything. We were embraced by Hollywood for almost a decade. As a community, we have celebrated awards, holidays, birthdays, and championships. These moments will never be forgotten. What will be remembered is the spirit in which we first opened our doors. This belief that the local neighborhood is by far, our most important critic, will guide us as we welcome into our home, a new generation.


Sycamore Tavern is a place we have envisioned for everyone. In an increasingly exclusive town, our purpose is to bring people together. Located on Sunset Boulevard and Sycamore Street in Hollywood, Sycamore Tavern offers ten thousand square feet of sprawling space, which is open to interpretation.

We would like to give our local neighbors in Hollywood an opportunity to experience quality food and drinks. In our tavern, patrons are welcome to lean into the marble bar and enjoy a featured crafted cocktail or savor a beer with their many friends as they watch the game or celebrate a special occasion. The atmosphere is casual Hollywood. If privacy is necessary for a private event or screening, an upstairs room is available with a full bar and complete AV and screening capabilities.

Sycamore Tavern marks a new era, but the history of its location will be etched in our memories forever. Since our early days in Hollywood, we have expanded into new neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, but have returned to serve the community that gave us our beginnings.



- Sal and Mario

Inside of Sycamore Tavern bar area
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